Bus Traffic Pack by FPS Reedit Ryzen

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Universe
Finally, I edited this mod with difficulty to change the skin traffic like the one on the TransJava toll road in Indonesia

This mod does not change any form from the original mod only changes the skin
Consisting of mod skin traffic: 1. Po. Haryanto 065 Sir Bero (JB3AS)
2. Po. Ayu Ayu Butterfly (JB3AS)
3. Po. Skipper 99 (JB3AS)
4. Po. STJ Varesh (JB3AS)
5. Po. Harapan Jaya (JB3AS)
6. Po. Harapan Jaya (JBHD)
7. Po. Harapan Jaya (SR2XHD)
Thank you to: 1. Allah SWT
2. Parental Support
3. Sir Hamdan Rachmatullah (Creator of ep3 jetbus
3+) because he has responded the answer to how
to make an alpha channel
4. Adobe Photoshop CC and paint.net
5. ETS2 Studio
6. DXTBmp

That’s all from us Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

If there is an error with our traffic please dm instagram to: @ ardan.9012

FPS and Ryzen


3 thoughts on “Bus Traffic Pack by FPS Reedit Ryzen

  1. ets.kamil

    europe buses please, what they’re not in jazzycat pack.

  2. losevo58

    Departure from the game!

  3. Template ?

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