Busscar El Buss G7 6×2


> New Skins
> More engines
> Updated interior
> Added metallic paint
> Own sound
> New animations (wiper working outside camera & new steering wheel)
> Adapted for v 1.25.x

Find in Mercedes-Benz Dealer

Author: BussManxd

DOWNLOAD 123 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 123 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “Busscar El Buss G7 6×2

  1. This is bus: Markopolo – Scania G7 6×2 + passenger mod
    Test video: youtu.be/RJ0dEwEzRus
    Version 1.25

    1. Jesus Christ

      if your video is best, then we are automatically watch that. but seems yours are sucks. you just give us an useless link that not about the bus talkin’ here fgt.

  2. Wrong picture and again a bus with no sidewindows 🙁

  3. Busscar El Buss ?????? NO WAYHockey

  4. crashes ets2 and DONT NEVER PRESS IMPORTANTE LEE named file


    wrong picture, #### YOU!!!!

  6. muon choi gema nay de giai tri

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