Busscar Panorámico DD 2006 6×2

Original Interior Busscar
AO baked
Sound Busscar
Works on 1.26.xx – 1.30.xx
Acquire Dealer Scania
– Adapted for 1.30.x
– New interior Busscar

Linux, Megaking, Luiz2510 & Manuel DS


8 thoughts on “Busscar Panorámico DD 2006 6×2

  1. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  2. Very good! Can you tell me the best Passenger mod? Thanks

    1. barclayer

      the best passengers mod is pasajeros_v1 that you can download here, and it works perfect witch ets2 1.30.x.x.x


  3. it tells me that the file is damaged .. put it back

  4. yeah 2323

    what is the password for thw winrar

  5. juan cruz

    Hi. can you give me de winrar password

    1. Matias Boveda

      cual es la contraseña??

  6. Paing Nyein

    I cannot find password
    Someone help me

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