Busscar Panorámico DD 2006 6×2

Original Interior Busscar
AO baked
Sound Busscar
Works on 1.26.xx – 1.30.xx
Acquire Dealer Scania
– Adapted for 1.30.x
– New interior Busscar

Linux, Megaking, Luiz2510 & Manuel DS


7 Responses to Busscar Panorámico DD 2006 6×2

  1. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  2. Edivad says:

    Very good! Can you tell me the best Passenger mod? Thanks

  3. Ginox says:

    it tells me that the file is damaged .. put it back

  4. yeah 2323 says:

    what is the password for thw winrar

  5. juan cruz says:

    Hi. can you give me de winrar password

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