Cabin Accessory DLC for Scania R/S/G/R4

This mod supports the new version of DLC Cabin Accessory for the Scania truck R & Streamline Modifications by RJL

There is also support for:
-Scania R4 Series Addon for Scania RJL
-Scania G series Addon for RJL Scania

Stereo mod:
-Hanging toys
-Toys on the console and dashboard (Tables)
-Air flavors
-Products on the floor and in the sleeping bag

In the mod manager, put Scania and addons for it from RJL above

Scania Production

DOWNLOAD 12 MB [mirror]

4 thoughts on “Cabin Accessory DLC for Scania R/S/G/R4

  1. AvM Transport

    1. Scania Production

      This mod support new version DLC Cabin Accessory)

    2. Yes, the Author is LoaderSaints, so it’s stolen !!! 😒

      1. Scania Production

        no, when I made this mod, I did not take others, I wrote everything myself for this DLC to work on this truck

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