Canada map 0.1

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This is map of Canadian motifs, requires all DLC 1.28 v 0.1

ivan mykyta


8 thoughts on “Canada map 0.1

  1. ivanmykyta


  2. Probably a good idea to build Canada for ETS 2, but could you please share a bit more about the map? Screenshots? Which roads/cities are included? Canada is huge …

    I’m specifically looking for a map with Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

  3. ivanmykyta

    on the map two cities (new Spaniards Bay) and the road 75 partially

  4. Z jaka mapa bedzie dzialac???

  5. Don’t working xD just name is here

  6. Very good map, big thanks!

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker

    It’s better, if you do it for ATS – but ooookayyyyy 😉 😀

  8. is this a “stand alone map? or A Addone map? Loading order little bit more info please bro

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