Canada Map BETA

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This is a beta version, a map of Canadian motifs, requires all DLC 1.28

ivan mykyta


24 Responses to Canada Map BETA

  1. ivanmykyta11 says:

    port Calais St Jones

  2. JoachimK says:

    Compatible with other Maps as ProMods, etc ?

  3. ivanmykyta11 says:

    i did not test for compatibility

  4. LUPIN TIGRE says:


  5. Paulo Costa says:

    Canadá mapa + Russia mapa + PJ (Indpnesia) + Eldorado. Trabalha compativel total.

  6. jspence73 says:

    Any plans of Updating the Australia map mod?

    • ivanmykyta11 says:

      Australia should continue and move to melbourne, but also to edit tasmania

  7. Topolino says:

    Beautiful map, great work! Thanks!

  8. Topolino says:

    Seems not to be compatible with Promods 2.20 + ScandinaviaMod 0.1.
    Some roads are disappeared.

    • ivanmykyta11 says:

      change the priority of the mod

      • bones says:

        Then maybe you can write or show with pics here in what priority you use these map combinations. I guess, other people would like to know too.

        • Topolino says:

          Canada map had an higher priority than ProMods + Scandinavia Mod, but I’ve already forgotten the exactly load order.

  9. Kei says:

    Any chance to updating the Russian Expansion map mod?

  10. Kasia says:

    Jaki priorytet.Jaka jest kolejność ładowania map????

  11. kasia says:

    Czy mod działa z EAA Map i Rus Map ?

  12. kevin says:

    ets 2 mod 1.27

  13. kevin says:

    ets 2 mod 1.27 ok

    yes no

  14. SortingHat says:

    Since it’s not been tested then only download if you don’t mind it being done by random monkeys high on pot bashing key strokes.

  15. dudeface says:

    Why does every mod require all DLC?

  16. zuputo says:

    not compatible with 1.30

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