Canada Map v 0.2.1

New locations new roads, compatibility with all DLC .

ivan mykyta


10 Responses to Canada Map v 0.2.1

  1. heavygamer70 says:

    Still only 3 cities to chose from by creating new profile? That’s a joke.
    First version was already same, nothing new, exept some roads.
    Deleted forever.

    • ivanmykyta11 says:

      a new profile is not needed, the city is only one, the rest of the village, together 5 !, no one owes nothing to anyone, that’s, you want to make yourself 1000 cities?, and here people share amateur modifications.Do you want a scale? do it yourself ,have a good time

  2. Nikola says:

    Are DLC’s mandatory for this map to work? I really need to know cuz this map sounds like a lot of fun ;D

  3. ivanmykyta11 says:

    DLC scandinavia ,France,Italy ,these models are on the map

  4. hellboy says:

    Hey, It’s a great map. Just wondering If you have any plan for the ATS version. Or a new Canada map for ATS?

    • ivanmykyta11 says:

      I think that this is inevitable, the map needs American traffic and , as well as signs of the house, while above Labrador it is possible to work in the ets2 and, Until we reached the big cities

  5. Tom313 says:

    cant wait to get this installed as it looks great.
    Thank you for sharing your work

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