Carbon White Scania 2016 Interior

This is for scania 2016 S & R with link to vabis wheel but you need
“Remoledv12.2.2” accesiory pack to get textures on the vabis wheel
just put this mod above it in you mods list



5 Responses to Carbon White Scania 2016 Interior

  1. Blackroomafia says:

    Streeing wheel crash help please

    • SirBlackyAlot says:

      whats the issue? Did you get mod in the description? Put that mod at the bottom of the list

      • bullseye says:

        i want just say you don’t need remoled for this mod i have him worked whitout remoled

      • bullseye says:

        may we upload your mod again whit your credits beceause we reworked the mod and now we need no more the remoled…Now we need 1 mod on your way we need 2 mods…

  2. torjusp says:

    i cant find the download for the wheel

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