Carbone Combo Pack

———————–Carbone Combo Skin Pack————————-
-4k resolution truck and trailer skin
-Realistic UI

-Do not reupload to other site
-Keep the original author
-Do not edit




3 thoughts on “Carbone Combo Pack

  1. All of us should respect your job and your requests
    but why do not you respect the work of the original trailer author?
    you do not pay anything for the author’s name.
    Think before writing useless things, and respect the Modders

    1. GamerHacker

      You have right my friend i always write and tell them so, but who the #### will listen…

      1. The thing that bother me is that they pretend to respect their ill ideas.
        A friend asked how to create a new scania skin with ets2studio
        Professor DaviD_SRB answered MAGIC

        I have inserted the new R-S 2016 scania into ets2studio, (and complicated to add)
        but I will not give any explanation I will not make video tutorials for these people who do not respect the rules.
        I’m sorry for the right people

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