Scania New Generation Interior Beige

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The mod work with the New Generation Scania R and S
It is for Version 1.30



6 thoughts on “Scania New Generation Interior Beige

  1. victor198134

    мне не понравилось… панель приборов плохо видно и стрелки тахометра и спидометра!

    1. I understand, you can delte “” file in this mod, then you have the orginal dashboard

      1. Terje Lahaug

        Nice work on the interior!How did you get the lightbox in the back?Do the mighty griffin work on the new scania?

        1. I have rewritten the def files for the dlc
          many modders are working to make the entire dlc compatibel, you just have to wait

          1. Terje Lahaug

            I see!Then i will wait for someone to make it..thanks

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

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