Cargo Trailer Traffic v 2.0

Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-2 Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-1 Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-3 Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-5 Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-4 Cargo-Trailer-Traffic-v-2.0-6

– 274 types of cargo distributed to 342 trailer types.
– Drive off 154 as a traffic trailer.
– Then drive 60 Small Traffic Vehicle and Traffic 96 trucks with 250 different skins.
– Headlight range of traffic vehicles are also changed.
– A new Firmenmod.
– Freight prices greatly reduced and possible damage partly increased.

Authors: Icemann29


13 Responses to Cargo Trailer Traffic v 2.0

  1. AAA says:

    there is no link in

  2. LucianM says:

    Not wanting to sound like chump here,but .. all these stuff,is either in JazzyCat’s military,painted truck traffic and in the Trailer+Cargo pack 2.1 .. what is it that’s actualy new here,compared to what I have mentioned ?

    • El Buho says:

      i guess here is nothing new. i think mr. icemann29 just put all jazzy’s mods together and released all that stuff it under his own name. such an original. 🙂
      no offense, guys

  3. Highway_Au says:

    what is with people lately, putting trucks and trailer mods together and releasing it with out any new work

    • Human says:

      Icemann29 can you tell what mods you are put together in this mod? maybe if this better I can choose this mod and use this one mod in instead example 5 or more what is my mod folder

  4. Ianwigan says:

    hi can anyone help please i have the cattle trailer from the latest trailer and cargo pack i went to pick up the trailer from swansea in uk enroute for dresden in germany when i picked the trailer up all the cows on top row and bottom row were securly inside the trailer. how ever i then proceded to harwich or felixstown and embarked on the ferry when i then traveld about 20km down the road in holland my truck came to a sudden halt under a bridge when i checked the left side mirror being my volvo fh16 is uk right hand drive i see some unfortunate cow had stuck its head through the side of the cattle trailer thus when i went under the bridge at 30mph the cows head hit the concrete support and no amount of reverse helped as the cow persisted to have its head outside my trailer like i say it was fine in uk but once in europe this happend and i had to abandone my load which i lost £50.000 has this happend to anyone else with the cattle trailer?

  5. renaulthater says:

    I dont see a reason why i should download this mod because its similar to jazzycats military cargo,trailers and cargo pack and painted ai,which i use. Stop copying others people mods and uploading them

  6. Human says:

    I don’t like too that other copying another author mods but I like this that someone make the bigger mod that includes a lot of mod so that can is better using the one mod then lot of mod is same mod folder

    • Theosz says:

      Thx Mihai

      I can use this other set to one of my another profile.

      thx Icemann29 to this another set of trailer.

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