CargoWorld 0.1 – Cargo Management for ETS2

CargoWorld is a cargo management program for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It allows you to pick up and deliver cargos using the same trailer in the game, hence simulating the “trailer ownership” feature. The program is connected to the simulator using a telemetry mod that gives the position of the truck in the game and the configuration of the trailer. Cargos are spawn using a full logistic chain that describes the types of cargos, the types of locations with corresponding inputs and outputs, as well as the types of trailers. It is also possible to modify or create your own logistic chain.

Please refer to the documentation and the SCS thread for questions:

Installation (Windows)
1. Download CargoWorld for Windows 0.1 at sharemods
2. Copy the telemetry dll into “EuroTruckSimulator2binwin_x64plugins”
3. Run cargoworld.exe
4. Drive safely


– For now the included database only provides pick-up locations in N-W of France (Paris to Brest). However it is easy to pin new locations directly from the interface, even while driving! You can then share your locations and logistic chain.

– There is also a Python implementation available for Linux and OSX, please check the CargoWorld website.

– It is easier to use CargoWorld with a separated monitor (or you will ALT+TAB to interact). You can also use a second computer as it also works over Ethernet/WiFi.



32 thoughts on “CargoWorld 0.1 – Cargo Management for ETS2

  1. Marco Antonio

    Parece legal, mais não serve para mapas brasileiros, por exemplo RBR

    1. eskolaite

      Not sure to get this comment. If it is about using a different map such as ProMods, RusMap, EAA and the awesome Hungary, then the engine can handle it:
      – move the cargoworld_database_position.xml to a different directory (not a directory within cargoworld), because this file stores positions that are related to the vanilla map (+dlc),
      – while driving on the mod map, add your own positions (ADD POSITION) with a name following the ‘country:city:name’ syntax and a location type. Then hit the PLAY button to start spawing cargos.

  2. doesnt work

    1. eskolaite

      Could you be more specific?

      1. I can’t open the exe file

        1. eskolaite

          Nothing shows up?
          Just some hints:
          1. unzip (it probably wont run within the zip file)
          2. tested on Windows 7 and 10 (are you using a different system?)
          3. Windows asks for the permission to run cargoworld.exe because it has been downloaded from the Internet (do you have such a message?)

    2. What an absolutely worthless comment

  3. Thank you. Works very well.

  4. FoxOnTheBox

    Looks very interesting, thanks for sharing i’ll try it out later.

  5. It really dont work.. just losing my time -_-

    1. read the description. everything works!!

    2. Then describe what happens you fcking #####

  6. DeGelderseTrucker

    What do they mean with ETS2 Host IP?

    1. eskolaite

      If you are running CargoWorld on the same PC than ETS2, then leave this field to ‘localhost’.

      Otherwise, if you are running ETS2 on a different PC than CargoWorld, you must enter the IP address of the PC running ETS2 in this field.

  7. DeGelderseTrucker


  8. Jobiff Clark

    do a video? please

  9. chrisagreat

    I put the dll in both win_x64 and win_x86 folders in both ATS and ETS2, when I open cargoworld, it doesn’t even see ATS, it’s a grayed out option. so I click to ETS2 to try out this program. I loaded up the game and drove for a bit, went to cargo world and screen is still blank, and down at the bottom is says:

    connecting to (‘localhost’, 35057) with b’ 35056′

    why does it appear to use different 2 port numbers, do I need to do any port forwards? I shouldn’t since it’s all on the same localhost. checked again after 10mins of driving, still connecting…

    There was also firewall permissions dialog box, I make just to hit accept.

    please advise, also to get ATS too.

    1. eskolaite

      The dll is for ETS2 win_x64 only: there is no support for ATS at the moment, and it is not planned to support 32bits (win_x86) systems.

      In order to connect CargoWorld to ETS2, hit the CONNECT button while ETS2 is in driving mode (not showing the loading screen, not showing the menu, because the telemetry dll is not working in these moments and cannot connect back)

      If you are running CargoWorld and ETS2 (64bits only) on the same PC, then you will have to ALT+TAB to leave ETS2 and focus to CargoWorld. At that time the ETS2 game is paused and the telemetry dll is also paused, which explained you wont see interaction. However, you can hit the CONNECT button and it will connect when you focus back to ETS2, which resume the game and the dll.

      1. im having the same problem as chrisagreat read ur reply but still will not connect

  10. Work with pro mods?

  11. Gary Wood


  12. The mod seems pretty interesting.

    But i think ill wait and see if
    it can be little easier too use. like the SimDashboard app. im not good with computers.


  14. Bei mir kommt nur cargoworld.exe funktioniert nicht mehr

  15. Will it be done on a 32 bit windows version?

  16. not work. it not connect to game

  17. eskolaite

    You can check if ETS2 received on connection request by opening the file “Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\telemetry_position_udp.log”

    If the file does not exist, then you probably haven’t installed the dll.

    It should look like:

    received connection from …
    sending client version 5 0 2 to …

    If you dont have the “received” line then you have a network issue (firewall, bad IP address..).

  18. Se me queda en connecting to (‘localhost’, 35057) with b’ 35056′ y estoy dentro del camio y el dll esta donde debe esta que puede ser

  19. moi sa ne marche pas je passer pare steam mon pc et un 64 bit et mon jeux me dis 32 bit comment on fais

    1. speech971

      Bonjour, il faut que tu ailles sur STEAM ensuite tu vas dans tes jeux et la tu fais un clique droit avec ta souris sur ETS2 et la tu verras tu a plusieurs façon de démarrer le jeu dont !! en mode x64

  20. i+do+everything+you+subscribe+but+it+doeans’t+work+sorry,mabe+you+can+make+a+youtube+movie+how+to+instal+en+wat+to+do+bij+starting+your+program,it+will+be+very+nice+program+when+its+working

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