CargoWorld 0.2 for ATS and ETS2

CargoWorld is a cargo management program for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. It allows you to pick up and deliver cargos using the same trailer in the game, hence simulating the “trailer ownership” feature. The program is connected to the simulator using a telemetry mod that gives the position of the truck in the game and the configuration of the trailer. Cargos are spawn using a full logistic chain that describes the types of cargos, the types of locations with corresponding inputs and outputs, as well as the types of trailers. It is also possible to modify or create your own logistic chain.


SCS thread for questions:

CargoWorld 0.2 log
– ATS support
– Adaptive number of cargo slots in trailer
– Showing available cargo according to the trailer type
– Reworked interface to limit window’s height
– Company logo or truck picture can replace sim logo
– Help with using websites to generate the cargo graph if graphviz not installed



10 thoughts on “CargoWorld 0.2 for ATS and ETS2

  1. Does it work on mac?

    1. eskolaite

      CargoWorld should work on Mac using the Python version. However the telemetry dll is for Windows only (which means ATS/ETS2 is running on Windows)

  2. DeGelderseTrucker

    What do they mean with ETS2 Host IP? And what do I have to type in there?

    1. eskolaite

      if you are running CargoWorld on the same computer than ETS2 then leave the “ETS2 Host IP” field to “localhost”

      1. DeGelderseTrucker

        Okay! Thank you so much!



  3. Such+an+amazing+idea+with+ZERO+help+on+how+the+hell+you+can+make+it+work.+Not+a+single+guide.+You+could+include+step+1,2,3.+After+opening+the+program+what+do+you+have+to+do?+How+does+it+work?+Am+I+supposed+to+figure+it+out+on+my+own?+I+have+limited+free+time+due+to+my+work,+I+try+to+enjoy+my+free+time+instead+of+wasting+it.


  4. Such an amazing idea with ZERO help on how the hell you can make it work. Not a single guide. You could include step 1,2,3. After opening the program what do you have to do? How does it work? Am I supposed to figure it out on my own? I have limited free time due to my work, I try to enjoy my free time instead of wasting it.


  5. Video please

  6. Marco Antonio

    Como faz para funcionar, o meu fiz corretamento copiando para a pasta correspondente mais não ativa? Alguém sabe como fazer?

  7. Still Needs a lot of work but might get an amazing mod

    For example you should be able to earn Money with the deliveries,and they should work in the rest of the ETS2 world, too, not only in France DLC. promods Support would be awesome, too.
    just Keep that great work up. this might become one of the best mods in the whole game if you put effort in it. If you won’t nobody will download your mod…

    And for all of you, who don’t know how to use it, just go to the Documentation link in the description and try a little by yourself

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