Cascadia 2018 by Conbar V 3.9.4 for 1.26 of game ETS2

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This mod contains in addition to the truck he got in 2018 cascadia physics file by conbar which is good for long trucks, the mod DLC and aftermarket steering wheels, mod of cascadia in traffic and the speedline wheels mod.

the truck was modeled by conbar and had the conversion to standlone and anim interior by frank Brazil, have engines made by freddy jimmink, and skin by jozef stewowe.

After offensive and humiliating criticism this will be the last updated version.



25 thoughts on “Cascadia 2018 by Conbar V 3.9.4 for 1.26 of game ETS2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. Not Critic, but a Question.

    You show 3 Cabins and you give 3 Templates, but in MB-Dealer and Truckbrowser is only one.
    Can you help please?
    Otherwise it is a very nice Truck.

    1. Cabin choice is one of the dots when you are modfying the truck. One of the dots on the roof side, the one on the side of the roof closest to you. If you look in video by Mr.GermanTruck and go to time 1m10seconds you see him clicking the dot and getting the cab types.

  3. Dear makers of this mod, since you say this will be last update I wanna say thank you for all your hard work and your patience when I ran into problems. You have listened and helped very good and I appreciate that so I was able after some struggles to use the truck in both games.

    I can say I have much fun with this truck and is one of my favorites. So well done ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for everything and much love joy and pleasure wished for all of you who were part of making and realizing this truck ingame.

    1. Thank you and I think I might continue with modeling and thanks for helping friend JoachimK

      1. you are welcome Conbar. And if you would continue that would be great, you know where to contact me if you need testing done or wanna know if i run into problems. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Do not worry about criticism and normal (for ######)โš’
    This means that the mod is very appreciated
    continue on your way and do not repress?

  5. Thank you and I think I might continue with modeling

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all comments even if they where bad.

    I wonder what all critcasters did them theirselves by naking mods…….

    I will try to take all permissions from Frank Brazil and Conbar to continue with this mod. it earns ti go on!

    If there is soomeone willing contact me on facebook by typing my name

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      I sincerraly hope that Felipe Conbar and Frank Brazil don’t stop with this truck, it is so well done and needs a great future in ETS 2 & ATS.

      What i aslo discovered is: All bad talkers are silent now! If they think than stop thinking! If Felipe stops i will ask him to go on and on!

  7. Hey does it works for v 1.25 also …..reply soon because i liked it very much ….?

  8. Alex Grace

    This is why we don’t deserve beautiful things.
    It’s true that a rotten apple spoils the whole box (of apples), but there are a lot of thankful fruits out there that appreciate all your hard work on this model, which is quite robust, at least on ETS2.
    I hope Mr. Jimmink is bestowed on the permission to carry on maintaining this beautiful, beautiful piece of modelling (and engineering).
    Sorry, I’m quite in love with this truck.
    Best of luck to everyone involved in this project.

    1. thank you my friend

      1. Alex Grace

        You’re very welcome!
        Your Daimler Inspiration is superb as well.

  9. Nice mod I like it, I’ve used a previous version before updating with this one but now the truck have no sound at all. Not on your engine and not with the powerfull engine pack (used with the previous version of your truck and everything where fine).
    Am I the only one with this issue ?
    Do you nave an idea for fixing it ?

    Thx ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. really this is a mystery. because I already fix and still has people with this problem. but there are few and unfortunately you were one of them. kkkk I will try to redo the entire cummins engine sound that is troublesome and see if it will occur again. Thanks for the help

  10. just go forward please. its a great mod. i love it…

    1. thank you for the support

  11. CyrusTheVirus

    Regards, Conbar.
    Can I make an edit about this truck?
    I wish to make an updated and upgraded version to work on ets2 1.27 and ats 1.6.

    1. We’re working on updating it to ets and ats 1.27 1.6. Thank you for your support

  12. kamazy3sy3s

    Ets2 has a very childish community and they either don’t know how to or how much time and effort it takes to create something beautiful like this and actully make it work problemfree.

    Whatever you do, you will always run into these ###### and to be honest i think you’re being a little to harsch towards us who actully cares about your work by leaving us. However, i respect your decision.

    You should ignore the ###### and instead focus on the poeple who appreciates your work and want to help.

    I for one appreciate everyone who takes their own time to create something and releasing it for free, doesnt matter if its good or not.

    Much love to you and a million thanks! =)

    1. Thanks friend by force. wise words and that’s why I’m continuing in the work we will soon have the 4.0 version for ETS 2 1.27. and ahead to the ATS. ATS Pro takes a little longer because I don’t have the game and I need friends frank and freddy to do the update of the cascadia 2018. Once again thank you for your support

  13. Cascadia2018 testing








  14. It’s been my main truck for months
    Works with version steam
    The only problem is the last 3 engines that are silent
    Good luck for the future
    Google translate

  15. Twinzz2002rocks

    It’s a nice truck but it tips easily when I turn with my steering wheel.

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