Cat 140M Trailer v 1.2

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greetings I have the trailer overworked .. animated cable more company much fun.
grüsse euch ich habe mal den trailer überarbeitet..animierte kabel mehr company viell spass.

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6 thoughts on “Cat 140M Trailer v 1.2

  1. Yes yes and yes! Thx for bringing it back 😀
    Hope you’ll do the same with the Cat 740 (I think it was that I don’t remember) 😉

  2. hello I’ll see what I can do I promise nothing 🙂

  3. nice but should correct the old PMG on wheels and also the cargo offset is in the old format. maybe more cargoes for this trailer would be cool! not nice to have a mod for a single cargo 🙂

  4. regards … yes sorry I forgot to change the pmg, but no mistake … 🙂

    1. sure, are the only small issues, the def on cargo should include the new offset format to allow the cargo using physics according to its weight and size. with the old format game takes the default value, 1, which is not giving a realistic physics to the cargo while hauling.

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