Cat 3406E & C15 engine sound mod reworked

engine sound

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First part of the video is with the new Cat 3406E, then the second part is with the reworked Cat C15. This mods adds 2 engines for the 379 & T800 in the shop.

The difference between the 3406 & the C15 is the 1500rpm sound file, the air gear, and the jake brake.

Author: Kriechbaum

DOWNLOAD 18 MB [for Peterbilt 379]
DOWNLOAD 18 MB [for Kenworth T800]

7 thoughts on “Cat 3406E & C15 engine sound mod reworked

  1. CaptIISilveR

    Great work! As usual… ))

  2. TodoMundoLocko

    Good man Thanks! I aprreciate u make sound for 379. For me is the best Peter Bilt mod.
    T800 sound are very nice! I dont like this truck anymore. I dont know what happens in this T800 Truck mod, but have a non-sense tire sound sice any version..


    This is fantastic!! Great sounds..

    Thanks Kriechbaum, much appreciated.

    Can you PLEASE make a Engine+sound_pack (CAT,ISX,DD60) for the Freightliner Argosy?? Your sounds are the best and I want it in that truck aswell.

  4. deineMudda

    trailer link pls

  5. AlmightyT800

    Very nice sound kriechbaum!! The turbo spools nice now in the former version it wasnt that loud=) great!!

    Is the new c 15 sound for all c 15 engines in the shop or just for the 475 hp as shown in the viedo??

    Have you seen the T800 final sound mod made from user “tincho”?? this sound is really tough but unfortunaetly it doesnt work as shown in the video…. do you think you could make a c 15 sound similar to this one?? it roars more and has a very loud and high spooling turbo… would be pimp if you could make on that sounds similar and works!!! Your sounds are nicee too thanks for your work!!

  6. GREAT…!

  7. Keith Talbot

    Excellent sound pack. Was wondering is there a chance for an sound update for the freightliner FLD120 Conventional. That was released for 1.18.

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