CAT CT660 Cabin Accesories


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Add support DLC Cabin Accesories in CAT CT660

Author: _69_mf_


16 thoughts on “CAT CT660 Cabin Accesories

  1. Hi _69_mf_
    Please Add support DLC Cabin Accesories

  2. BlueMaster

    Nice! But where can I find the truck?

  3. nerowskyyMonster


    1. TruckerZer0

      You can BUY the truck from RTA Mods…

      1. Or you can TAKE the link from the video and tell RTA to go #### themselves.

  4. flavien landragin

    The truck Download links are in the Video Description. Sorry for my english Guys; I’m French.

  5. Hi _69_mf_
    Please Add support DLC Cabin Accesories

    1. Ok)

      1. Waiting . Thanks (:

  6. Can the moderators tell me why the link above, for download C660 truck, can occur, and mine, which I posted yesterday, couldn’t ??!.

  7. ???? I am forbidden on this site??

  8. If you dont’t know and you ask himself what type of truck it is this Caterpillar: it’s a dumper truck

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