CAT T800 Dirty/Clean Skin


I have tested this mod on version 1.22.2 of the game.

This mod includes a nice, shiny, clean version of the skin as well as a very grubby, hard worked, dirty version.

Please enjoy and drive safe!

CAT Kenworth T800 truck skin by L’dub.
Truck Template by DB3, Dmitry68, Stels, OQ37, Ventyres and Kriechbaum.



8 Responses to CAT T800 Dirty/Clean Skin

  1. Adamisch says:

    Mind getting us the link for the truck?

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      You must see in this page, ok? 😀 😀 😀

      • Adamisch says:

        I have but there is only a Kenworth t800 for 1.17 nothing else :/

  2. kevuk29 says:

    where can I get the actual truck didn’t even realise it was just a skin?

  3. Doghouse says:

    Fantastic bro ! Looks like a tractor unit ready for a cleanup and maintenance before a C.O.F check…Your it my friend !

  4. Doghouse says:

    You’ll find the T800 2.1 update on this site by searching T800, then truck in sub categories, scroll down one or two pages and that update will be staring at you… Works on Blah blah…What ever the hell there up to now, eh ?

  5. Kenseth says:

    does it work on 1.27.2?
    please update for working on make and 2.4s it

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