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Tutorial author: Team Fra-Modding

Tutorial: how to get custom registration plates


Author: MaxLowe

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Tutorial: Make Background For Desktop Using Truck

Truck Pack AI Traffic Def Edit


Ah ha! I got the Truck Pack AI Traffic mod to work with ETS2 1.3.1!

The original instructions were a bit confusing. Why they didn’t include a Def file with it I really don’t know.

Copy this file I made which also allows for easier editing of the truck_traffic_storage.sii too!

See attached image for example.

Author: mike_mac


Tutorial: 18-speed H-shifter

Version 1.3.1 tested Euro Truck
Author: Fabio Brazuca

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Tutorial: 16 h speed shifter

Game version: 1.3.1

DOWNLOAD instructions 0.8 MB

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