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Ah ha! I got the Truck Pack AI Traffic mod to work with ETS2 1.3.1!

The original instructions were a bit confusing. Why they didn’t include a Def file with it I really don’t know.

Copy this file I made which also allows for easier editing of the truck_traffic_storage.sii too!

See attached image for example.

Author: mike_mac


4 thoughts on “Truck Pack AI Traffic Def Edit

  1. Mufaldinho

    Great! but where do I put this file?. Tried copying it to the mod folder but all I get is AI truck traffic dissapearing completely.

  2. dont u need those every brand .sii files also???? this is only truck_traffic_storage.sii so this do nothing…

    1. Mak-Kyver is right. On it’s own this file doesn’t do anything, but with the Truck Pack AI Traffic mod it does. You do need the appropriate mod files that include all the .sii files mentioned in this mod.

      If you edit the truck_traffic_storage.sii in this file just remember that any truck from renault_premium_traffic and aboe are default game models. Anything below that are additional mods.

      As for AI truck traffic disappearing, there must be conflict with another mod that has it’s own truck_traffic_storage.sii file. For example I put the Peterbilt 379 mod in my mods folder, had a look in the .scs file and it had a truck_traffic_storage.sii file too! So I copied the @include line, pasted it into my copy of this Def, and deleted the truck_traffic_storage.sii file from the Peterbilt 379 .scs file, all to avoid any conflicts.


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