Tutorial SCS Blender Tools #1 | Instalation


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https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = SyTojCeyMVI

7 Responses to Tutorial SCS Blender Tools #1 | Instalation

  1. Aaron Scarlata says:

    If some one, need some shadow/collision/texture Tutorial, contact me on Facebook 😉

    • COBRA_G says:

      меня нет на Facebook по другому можно свезаться?

    • Dylan Colino says:

      What is your name in Facebook?

  2. COBRA_G says:

    Где видео?

  3. Faelandaea says:

    Oh please keep them coming. This is the first tutorial I have seen at all for the new Blender Tools (all other tutorials are for Blender2SCS which is being phased out and no longer used).

  4. 211293 says:


  5. Aaron Scarlata says:

    The author of tutorial isn’t me.I have only disponible for people help, if someone want some tutorial on Blender 2 SCS. I’m not expert, but, i know how to mod, i nkow ho to make Collison/texture/shadow etc. If some one are interested contact me on facebook.

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