Tutorial: how to get custom registration plates


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Author: MaxLowe

Programs you will need:
7zip – http://www.7-zip.org/
Notepad (comes as standard on any windows PC)

1. Download the Game Archive Extractor (scs exctractor)

2. Open the zip file it downloads in, and extract the contents to your desktop

3. Create a new folder, mine was called “ETS2 Plate” and move the scs_extractor to it

4. Go to “Computer”

5. Choose the drive that your copy of ETS2 is installed on

6. Choose “Program Files (x86)” or if you are using an x86 (32Bit) version of windows it will just be “Program Files”

7. Go to “Euro Truck Simulator 2” folder and copy the “def.scs” file to the folder you created earlier

8. Open up the folder containing the “def.scs” & “scs_extractor”

9. Drag the “def.scs” on to “scs_extractor” to begin extracting the files from the def file to your folder

10. Wait until it finishes

11. Open the folder named “def”, the choose “city”

12. Here you will choose the city that YOU are based from in game, for me, it was dover

13. Copy the .SII file that matches the city YOU are based from to the main section of the folder

14. Move all the files from the extracted “def.scs” to another folder, just to keep them out the way but leave behind the .SII file. DO NOT call the new folder def, as this name will be used again later.

15. Open the .SII file with notepad

16. Here you will see the document that you saw in the video. One of the lines in the notepad document says “truck_lp_template[]: “G02 111″” or something very similar, this is the order that the plate will go in.
truck_lp_def0[]:”any letter” corresponds to the 0 in the template
truck_lp_def1[]:”any letter” corresponds to the 1 in the template
truck_lp_def2[]:”62″ corresponds to the 2 in the template — if you simply want your plate to have a 13 instead of a 62, you just replace the 62 with a 13
If the truck_lp_template[] is G02 111, it will make the numberplate something like this GD62 ABC
You can replace the letters at the end of truck_lp_def0[]: “any letter” & of truck_lp_def1[]: “any letter” to make it more likely for that letter to come up. You can also delete these lines, if you have a very small set of characters that you want it to use, for example if you wanted the last 3 letters of the registration plate to be “ABC” you could leave three of the truck_lp_def1[]:”any letter” and have it as
which will guarantee that you have a, b & c at the end of your plate.
You can do this also for the truck_lp_def0[]:”any letter”
If you wish to have a different letter at the start of your plate then replace the letter in “truck_lp_template[]: “LETTER02 111″” with letter of your choice. For dover it is “truck_lp_template[]: “G02 111″”, but I changed it to “truck_lp_template[]: “M02 111″” so that I could have an M at the start of my plate.

17. Save the notepad file and close it

18. Create a new folder called “def” and inside that folder “city”

19. Cut and paste the .SII file you just modified into the city folder.

20. Now download the empty .scs file from HERE: http://www.4shared.com/file/DAC7NW1v/EMPTY_SCS_1.html – If you know how to make a .scs file, you do not need to do this step. (note: in the video it shows the download on mediafire, I have had to change the download to 4shared because mediafire was causing problems for me)

21. Move the empty .scs file to the folder that you have been working in.

22. Open the .scs file (you will need 7zip or winrar to do this, I used 7zip)

23. Drag the folder called “def” into either 7zip or winrar

24. Close the .scs file and rename it to something that will remind you of what the mod is

25. Copy the .scs file to your ETS2 mod folder (On windows 7 this is located at: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

26. Enable the mod in game by clicking edit and then ticking the box to the left hand side of the mod.

27. Load your profile

28. Relocate your truck to a different garage and then choose “Drive it”. Repeat this
process until you get the desired registration plate.

In my case, I had to repeat step 28 4 times in order to get my desired plate

I am not sure if you can do this with non UK registration plates.

If you are struggling to get this to work, and would like some help, leave a comment on this video, and I will get back to you as soon as possible! πŸ™‚
If after talking to me and trying to get help, you are still unable to get your registration plate working, I will happily do it for you! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Tutorial: how to get custom registration plates

  1. J’ai un probleme je n’ai pas la mΓͺme chose jusqu’au point 16,pouvez-vous m’aider,merci.

    I have a problem I do not have the same point 16, can you help me, thank you.

    1. I assume your registration plate is french? I don’t know if this can be done on registration plates for non UK countries in game! Sorry!

  2. craig sankey

    hi i am having problems, i have done excatly as instructed but when i try to open the extractor i get a black window flash open and then immediately closed. any ideas why?

    i am using manchester garage

    1. you need to drag the def.scs over the top of the extractor.

  3. and you must have starting from original map city (if play TSM and start is from “new”city this dont work)!!

  4. craig sankey

    hi how can i get my number plate in the following formats: AAA 123, 123AAA, A123ABC, and ABC123A

  5. I have a problem,when i put the file Def in scs extractor is opening and after 2-3 seconds disapear is nowhere,can you help me with that?

  6. why I can t change color on my truck, it is pink allways πŸ™‚

  7. Works perfectly πŸ™‚ Thx bro πŸ™‚

  8. wolvesfan2015

    could you do the custom reg plate for me please I want 0001 PSR

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