ETS2 Sounds

ETS2 sounds. A high variety of sound mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Realistic V8 and original engine sounds, environment sounds and radio station packs. Give new sounds to the game with mods.


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1.39 Scania V8 Open Pipe Lope Idle

A Scania V8 open engine with lope idle. Its loud and probably failed all emissions tests.
Adjust your sound sliders to suit your preferences. my settings is displayed above.

Originaly posted for ATS, However,
I Finally just picked up a copy of ETS2, played bout 2hrs so far but i thought I’d bring this sound mod over. I dont have any ETS2 mod trucks yet, when i get them i will add support for them. If you have tips on the good mod trucks leave a link or comment below so I can find them and add support for this sound. Any other good mod tips appreciated to.

We do have plenty of scanias here in aus, but I’ve never seen a pimped out like you guys do it over there

now they are some cool sounds, that vid convinced me to create this

you get 5 engines
520hp, 580hp, 650hp, 730hp, and a 730hp chipped.
torque curves and engine specs taken from Scania brochures available online

I dont have MP ethier so prety sure this mod will not work on truckers MP

Compatible with well over 50 trucks.Mostly trucks from ATS but i see some are here in ETS2 as well. I have no ETS2 mod truck yet. Send Help..

SCS- All both ETS2 and ATS trucks
RTA mods – Kenworth 108, Kenworth 200,Peterbilt 359, Mack Ultraliner, Kenworth T908, Western Star, Kenworth T609
Rudas – Kighway kileer, Pete and XL
Kishadowalker – Dodge,Mack F700 diamond Rio, 9300, Superliner
Pingas – Kenworth and Peterbilt
Anonymous – 1973 Pete 353, 1975 Freightliner FLC, Kenworth t600, Ford LTL, White FLC, Fld cabover
Jessmods classic XL
Bsa Classic XL
XBS Classic XL
Big daddy W900a
GTM w900b, T800, T610, Pete 567
Richo’s Kenworth W900L
Harvens Mack Rd,freightliner cabover freightliner argosy, W990 , the general
HFG project 3xx
Redds Mack CHU613
Vipers Peterbilt
Lucassi International
Overfloaters K100E



Menu Music Remixes

NEW IN THIS VERSION: 1 classic ETS2 menu music track added!

Looking for some nice music that still fits the game?
This mod provides replacements for the music in the game with remixed tracks from SCS Software titles.
It also includes 4 menu music tracks from Euro Truck Simulator 2 so that it’s not a full replacement.

It includes remixed tracks of music from:
– Euro Truck Simulator 1
– American Truck Simulator
– German Truck Simulator
– SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator

Delivery finished tracks, menu music tracks, the cutscene track, and the truck upgrade track are all covered.

Mod was tested on 1.39 but should run on all future versions. Happy trucking!


* SCS Software for music
* Drive Safely for remixing the music

SCS Software, Drive Safely

DOWNLOAD 47 MB [mirror]

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Sound Fixes Pack v21.1

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Reduced wind sound volume when windows are open.
Finetuning to wind sound effects.


Restored modified sleeper line sound. Known issue: Does not work properly with Route 66 musical road currently.
1 modified suspension sound.
Reduced volume of interior view gravel sounds.
Fade-out effect for gravel sounds.


– Pack provides essential improvements to common sounds in the game for increased immersion.
– The goal of the mod is to make the game’s sounds feel like real life. The mod will have regular updates to cover more sounds to add immersion. Thus the Steam Workshop version is highly recommended for quicker updates.


* ETS2 1.39.2 + ATS 1.39.3. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Compatible with all maps and all trucks, including truck mods.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so this mod can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.


Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods, RusMap, etc.)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. Jazzycat’s traffic packs)


## 1. Fuel / Gas station sounds

* Retro/historic ding sound for while the fuel is pumping (circa 1960s to 1970s). The number of dings can help give you an idea on how much you refueled.
* Real fuel pump, fuel lid, door close, seat belt click and key insertion sound effects for after refueling.

## 2. Trailer sounds

* Real sound effects for trailer coupling.
* Real trailer brace rotation sound (sped up to match the animation).

## 3. Music / UI sounds

* “Late music” (also known as “Hurry up” music) replaced with Nokia phone ringtone sound (volume of this sound depends on Music volume in the in-game Audio settings).

## 4. Truck sounds

* Reworked default sounds for hazard light button, light switch, wiper stick, high beam stick, light horn stick, and retarder stick.
* Real and detailed default parking brake on/off sound (fallback sound for mod or modded trucks only).
* Reworked cabin noises when steering the truck.
* An extensive variety of air brake sounds.
* Subtle brake whistle sounds heard when coming to a stop (exterior view or when window open).

## 5. Traffic sounds

* Real engine and real idle sound for 2015 Subaru WRX STI car and MCI MC-12 bus in AI traffic.
* Amplified volume of cable car bell in San Francisco. [ATS edition only]
* Proper tire sounds for default AI cars. Engine and idle sounds to be added in later update.

## 6. Voice navigation

* Added variant for English Doug UK/US and Skye UK/US voice navigation with unrealistic phrases removed and a speaker effect.

## 7. Wind and tire / tyre sounds

* Realistic wind sounds when opening the window at high speeds.
* Realistic tire sounds on asphalt roads, giving you a better sense of the speed of the truck.
* Realistic gravel sounds on dirt/gravel roads.
* Realistic tire sounds for grass terrain.
* Realistic rumble sound when driving on a sleeper line. Known issue: Not compatible with Route 66 musical road currently.

## 8. World sounds

* Improved sewage water sounds. [ATS edition]
* Improved wind turbine sounds.
* Reworked default railroad crossing bell sounds with a less harsher sound.
* Added/reworked sounds for animated objects such as hot air balloons and helicopters.


* SCS Software for base sounds
* Drive Safely for sound edits, some sound samples, and for compiling mod
* antonvezdehod for high speed tire sound
* Deltatristar500 for an external parking brake sound sample
* Grinch for default railroad crossing bell sound rework
* kriechbaum for light switch sound
* Vasily EVR for some air brake sound samples
* Zeemod for a wind sound sample


The SCS Forum link below for Sound Fixes Pack holds all official download links and can be used to give feedback and ask any questions about the mod:

SCS Software, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Deltatristar500, Grinch, kriechbaum, Vasily EVR, Zeemod

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [mirror]

Gej Voice Navigation Pack 3,0

Polish Voice in navigation Gej
Improved and added new sluts
update to FMOD Studio 2.01.05

Mod tested on version

If you like it and want to say thanks, please support a charity


You want to learn more and be up to date. Visit my You Tube channel

Do not resend to other servers,
keep my links if you intend to share them.
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission


DOWNLOAD 2 MB [mirror]

Actros OM471 – 473 engine sound mod 2.1

I’ve finished the conversion of my OM471 engine sound for the 1.39 patch, and i also have rebuild the new recordings of SCS of their DD15 (OM473) engine.
So now we have two engines sounds for the Actros.
In this video i start with the OM471 that you should know very well now, and then i switch to the new OM473 for the small trip.
i hope you’ll like it.
Of course all the interior accesories sounds are here, plus the air brakes and that famous ugly air gear sounds 😉
You’ll also find in the archive a mod for the textures i have edited if you like them.

Video of the sounds mods:

Kriechbaum, SCS


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