ETS2 Interior addons

Decorate your truck windshield with nice stickers, mini-scarfs, flags and other souvenirs. These ETS2 mods for interior let you tuning truck interior with small and nice details.


What it contains:

Cabin Addons V3.0
-Flag customizable
-CountryPlate customizable
-Arola freshers x3
-Long Countryplate customizable
-Anime Plushies X5
-2 Types of curtains for daf 106
-3 variants of Roofgrill for 106 space cab plus : Horns only (No sound…Yet) Only Roofgrill No horns Roofgrill with horns
-Nameplate and CoDriver Plates
-Nom Nom plushie
-Gawr Gura pluchie
-Dinosaur Figure
-Michelin small puppet that replaces air refresher TOY AC
-Gps That replaces Phone Navigator
-Gas tank For 105
-X5 Pennant
-Krown fresher
-Jesus sucker
-Curtains for 105
-Curtain for RJL RS and RJL R4
-Rotated Nameplates For 105
-Another jesus christ
-Big Flag (Custom
-Small Flag(Custom)
-Mobile phone with support
-Big Vimpel
-Daf 105 toy
-Daf 105 + trailer toy
-Daf 106 toy
-Daf 106 + trailer toy
-Holland style tractor toy
-Passat B6
-More Arola



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INTERIOR ADDON by Wolli v1.4.3.1

Changelog v1.4.3.1
– add MAN F2000 by XBS Mods
– add 2019 Interior for MAN TGX by Gloover
– add Iveco S-way by H&W Trucks and Tuningparts (release soon)
– add Löschzwerg (toystand)

Version 1.4.3
– fix side curtains DAF 2021 XF
– fix front and site curtains Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service

Version 1.4.2
– fix error curtaisn DAF XG
– fix small bugs
– add Mercedes SK by XBS
– add Volvo FH3 by johnny244
– add Volvo FH5 by Virtual Service
– add DAF 2021 by jasper
– add 14 pennants include a custom one
– add parrot system (set_lglass)
– add Garmin GPS (set_lglass)
– add dog Pug (toyseat,toybig,toybed)
– add dog Dobermann (toyseat,toybig,toybed)
– add dog Malinois Shepard (toybed)
– add radio screen and phone DAF 2021 (toyac)
– add PDA (Professional Driver Assistant) (toyac,set_lglass)
– add Candle Arch (table slots)
– add Santa Claus (table slots)
– add Briefcase (toyseat)

Version 1.4.1
– fix radio screens for Volvo FH16 2012
– fix Dashboard errors on some Trucks
– open the mod for customization, but log the PMG’s

Version 1.4
– fix shifter RJL UK
– fix shifter RJL 4 series
– add Mercedes Actros MP3 by Dotec
– add MAN TGX 2020 by HBB Store
– add DAF 2021 by SCS
– add MAN TGX 2015 by Gloover
– add Ford F-Max by Emre Aydın, Bertan Baday, SimülasyonTÜRK, SiSL
– add cabels to Waeco converter
– add 3 variants off food (table slots)
– add trucker shoes (toybig)
– add 2 versions Stabo XM 4060E CB radio (toyhang)
– add 2 radio screens Scania S+R Exclusive (toyac)
– add radio screens Scania S+R Standard (toyac)
– add 2 radio screens Volvo FH16 2012 (toyac)
– add smartphone with screen/GPS for all Trucks (toyac)
– add Kirk Coffemaker (tables slots)/(toybig)
– add 2 Kirk Coffemakers for Scania NG S+R (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania R + Streamline (SCS) (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania RJL 5+6 Series Interior (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Scania RJL 4 Series Interior (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Mercedes Actros 2014/2019 (toystand)
– add Kirk Coffemaker for Volvo FH16 2012 (toystand)
– add 3 new looks for blanket (toybed)
– add Orthodox Cross (toyhang)
– add polar beer (table slots)
– add gloves (table slots)
– add Koleka badge (toyhang)
– add flask (table slots)
– add Senseo Coffeemaker (table slots)
– add Moka pot (table slots)
– add side curtains (int.backlight)
– add GoPro HERO8 (toyhang;table slots)
– add glass lightboxes (driver plate;codriver plate)
– add e-cigarette (table slots)

Version 1.1
– fix curtains error Renault Range T
– reworked all models
– add 2 varaints Blanket (toybed)
– add Banana (tables;toystand)
– add Nintendo Switch (tables;toystand)
– add T-shirts (bed and toybig)
– add Dreamcatcher (toyhang)
– add Waeco PerfectPower PP100 (toybig)
– add Veedol Woman (toyhang)
– add Vabis Logo (toyhang)
– add Kebab (tables;toystand)
– add Jesus cross (toyhang)
– add Gameboy Retro (tables;toystand)
– add DAF shifter (toybig)
– add MAN shifter (toybig)
– add Scania shifter (toybig)
– add Eaton Fuller shifter for Scania (toybig)
– add Volvo shifter (toybig)
– add Scania T and 4 series by RJL
– add Scania T 2016 by HRS Mods
– add Scania R by Fred.
– add Actros 2019 by ActrosCrew
– add MAN TGX Euro6 by Madster



Large Pennants 1,01

42 different large pennants
Mod tested on version 1.43
Author: R.K.M

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