Toy Samsung Galaxy S4 Active v 1.0

High Poly 3D Model
Works on v1.35 and for all standard trucks



Save 93-RP v 3.8

ITS FOR 1.35 X


Pour la SAVE 93-RP il vous fera tout les DLC MAP plus tout les DLC remorques

Ce que vous aurais dans la SAVE

– Tout les GARAGE , sauf pour le server PROMOD

– Etant utilisateur de la boite ZF 16 tout les Camion aurons un boite de 16 Vitesse , c’est mieux pour les remorque lourde , et Fuck les gens qui roule en Boite 6

– Moteur 720 CV sur les camion

– Plus de 100 € élément dans le camion ( Flag perment ) dans le jeux les gens pourrons le voir

– Selon la version que je vais vous proposer , entre 65 a 240 remorque différente et unique vous serons proposer

– Les remorques serons unique et impossible a avoir sauf dans cette save et des éléments serons même inimaginable hésité pas a regarder les moindre détail de la peinture , au feux , même les roue pour certaine remorque

– Aucune modification et possible sinon impossible de les remettre , sauf peinture et chassis

– Evidemment la SAVE et gratuite même si généralement dans ma vie de merde c’est un peut la hess

– vous aurais aussi la possibilité acheter les remorque que j’aurais fait mais dans une configuration vide si vous voulez rouler a vide

– Pour la Télécharger : Document/euro truck simulator / Profiles / et vous copier la save ( attention pas le zip mais bien le fichier )

Bien lire les plaque d’immatriculation

Gaia93TV = Ok //

Déconseiller = ba il faut evité de prendre ces remorque doit car il y a un DLC soit TMP Casse la tete

!! Ban !! : les remorque sont perm Ban

No For Mp : la remorque marche mais un problème lie au Serveur TMP de synchronisation entre le DLC de chacun

Twitch :https://www.twitch.tv/gaia93tv

Discord :https://discordapp.com/invite/8c2XNTj

Support : https://streamlabs.com/gaia93tv/tip

Pour le Multijoueur STV le Tag : THX SAVE 93-RP

Le save bien bien en multijoueur



For the SAVE 93-RP it will do all the DLC MAP plus all the DLC trailersWhat you would have in the SAVE-

All the GARAGE, except for the server PROMOD

– Being user of the box ZF 16 all the Trucks will have a box of 16 Speed is better for heavy trailer, and Fuck people who roll in Box 6

– Engine 720 CV on the truck- More than 100 € element in the truck (Flag perment) in the game people can see it

– According to the version that I will propose to you, between 65 to 240 different and unique trailer will be proposed to you

– The trailers will be unique and impossible to have except in this save and elements will be even unimaginable not hesitated to look at the slightest detail of the painting, the lights, even the wheels for some trailer

– No modification and possible if not impossible to put them back, except paint and chassis

– Obviously the SAVE and shipping even if generally in my life shit and i love my work

– We would also have the opportunity to buy the trailer that I would have done but in an empty configuration if you want to drive empty

– Download: Document / euro truck simulator / Profiles / and copy the save (be careful not the zip but the file)

Well read the license plate

Gaia93TV = Ok //

Deconseiller = should avoid taking these trailer must because there is a DLC is TMP Break the head

!! Ban !! : The trailer is perm Ban

No For Mp: the trailer is running but a problem links to the TMP server synchronization between the DLC of each

Twitch: https: //www.twitch.tv/gaia93tv

Discord: https: //discordapp.com/invite/8c2XNTj

Support: https://streamlabs.com/gaia93tv/tipFor STV Multiplayer

Tag: THX SAVE 93-RP Save

Work in multiplayer



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Scania Next Gen Radio

unpack two winrar files and copy to mod folder



Blankie Trans Company

This is the offical Blankie Transport Company For ets2 the company ingame is posped

Blankie Trans


GPS RG PRO 2,0 Fix Big Map

YouTube preview

Do not upload again to other servers,
keep my links if you want to share them.
Do not use my modifications in other works without my permission

I know that many people use map add-ons from the moders scene
Cannot perform one navigation for all modes
maps Therefore the map from the moders scene has been repaired

GPS RG PRO 2.0 Fix Big Map fixes GPS RG PRO 2.0 or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED compatibility with map summary

Roextended 2.2 + RusMap + ProMods Middle-East + ProMods2,42
+ Southern Region

It’s just an add-on! This add-on will not work without the original GPS RG PRO 2.0 or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED module

Place GPS RG PRO 2.0 .scs or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED above
map modes to give higher priority
GPS RG PRO 2.0 Fix (map name) .scs
place over GPS RG PRO 2.0 .scs or GPS RG PRO 2.0 LED.scs

Mod tested on version
Works well. If you notice any errors, let me know in the comments in the next version
1. RAR file and unpack
2. Place the SCS file in the mods folder
3. In the mod manager, place him first above Promods 2.42 + map Rus
4. Required game version 1.35 XXX

Author: RKM

If you like it and want more of my mods, support it
Charity event


DOWNLOAD 6 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 6 MB [Modsbase]

Mod for Steering Wheel of 180-270 Degrees for ETS2 1.36.XX

YouTube preview

Mod for Steering Wheel of 180-270 Degrees for ETS2 1.36.XX

Mod update.

Attention, now the same mod is not used for ETS2 and ATS.
The mass and damping values change, so I had to create a
different version for American Truck.
The mod, you can find it on the page of ATS mods,
or in the description of the video.



Update of this mod for version 1.36.XX of ETS2.

This mod makes fliers that are NOT 900 degrees, for example fliers 180 or 270 degrees are much more manageable in the game.

The mod facilitates and smoothes a lot the driving with this type of steering wheels that sometimes have a very sharp turn,
due to the few degrees they have. Important, place the subtype of the controller in “controller”.
If it is placed in the “flyer” option, the mod will not take effect.
Remember, the “controller” option, and then place the sensitivity to your liking. For more information,
please follow the video. It has subtitles in English for better understanding of the settings.

Updated the files to this version 1.36.XX

Weight of the file: 55 Kb

Scs, Rockeropasiempre