CB Antenna for SCANIA R&S by RJL


Hi Guys,

This Mod add CB antenna for SCANIA R&S by RJL

Please do not reupload, Thanks 😉



8 Responses to CB Antenna for SCANIA R&S by RJL

  1. zeeuwse trucker says:

    can you change color please, it looks green?

  2. Asphroxia says:

    Please make something for Daf E6 like this on the mirror or something!

  3. zoso says:

    Ciao Sn00ky89???

    • Scaniablack says:

      Hi, nice mod but Can you make a version without the lights because i use a lightbox

  4. mike says:

    I can never find the antenna Please advise

  5. Turbo says:

    Please check the mod for mistakes or errors, it keeps randomly appearing with a colored shine to it, either green or purple. Also it wouldn’t hurt to make it a little thicker similar to the stock antennas, otherwise it’ll just be a single pixel wide line on the screen.

  6. POLLUX says:

    salut a tous. pour moi l antenne aussi est verte ou violette mais se doit ĂȘtre par rapport a un petit conflit de mods accessoires tuning.
    pour moi l antenne est bien mais un peu longue . si le modders pouvais faire un mod avec 2 antennes ( une de chaque cote du sunvisor ) d un diamùtre un peu plus gros style us compatible au minimum scania RJL . R . T . CA POURRAIT VRAIMENT LE FAIRE ET CONNAISSANT LE TALENT DU CRÉATEUR DE CE MOD UN GRAND MERCI D AVANCE

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