CB Antenna

Two variant CB antenna black and chrome

Ben Affhandy


8 thoughts on “CB Antenna

  1. Canarinho

    Antenna looks good, but no icons in menu and in def are sii files for p8 horns they are not included.

    1. Yes, because there is no Material Folder. 🙁

      1. Eu Driver

        Why ###### icons?? we not have eyes? 😀 and def its good. kids, not talk to old mans work YEES? 😀

      2. Ciao JoachimK,the mod works the icons are there but without images
        why use the P8 mod of Powerkasi. Have you tried the new Mods studio2?
        I will shortly be doing a tutorial on adding trailers.

  2. si elles étaient sur les rétroviseurs, cela serait beaucoup mieux.

    if they were on the mirrors, it would be much better.

    1. Eu Driver

      No, mirors its terrible kid

      1. Why are you gay?

        1. Eu Driver can only distribute his senseless Spam Comments.
          His reviews are just offensive rather than meaningful. 🙁

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