CB Funk mod


Author: sky76


14 Responses to CB Funk mod

  1. asfsd says:

    what is it

  2. leha85 says:

    What is it?

  3. leha85 says:

    This walkie-talkie? How to use it?

  4. leha85 says:

    I understood

  5. hex says:

    About your logo; do you mean “mods and more” ?
    “mod’s and mor” doesn’t make sense.

    Going to try the mod, thanks.

  6. Chrisus says:

    How to use it?? which button??

  7. mrali95 says:

    What is this? I’ve installed it, but I can’t see anything new in game?

  8. BS says:

    Mod has people talking on CB Radio but it’s not in English.

  9. BS says:

    Mod file is just coin.ogg file. So I’m guessing when the default coin sound is activated to play in game rather than playing the coin noise it will play a brief pre-recorded CB chatter (language is not english).

  10. mrali95 says:

    would be aweome if it would be on english đŸ˜€

  11. Skd says:

    what does this mod do?

  12. agelioforos says:

    its cb sounds you dont do nothing just you can hear somebody voises (deucth) but dont work 1.3.0 and newest versions

  13. victorhugo says:

    qual ea senhar?

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