CB Radio mod


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6 thoughts on “CB Radio mod

  1. Its all in Russian language, nothing but cursing and cussing…Whats the point of this sh#t

  2. Its all in russian language and its just cursing and cussing.This has to be the dumbest mod ever.

  3. FlyingFrenchman

    Any west european language available ?

  4. MidniteTrain

    You don’t need to change to ogg files anymore as you will find that mp3 files work just as well. Only with the older truck sim games will you need to change to ogg. Just put your mp3 files into the music folder next to the mod folder.

  5. must say mod is fine works on new update BUT IS WHOLE RUSSIAN cant understand anything from it 🙁 anyone got some POLISH or ENGLISH VERSION PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

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