Cement Mixer Trailer 1.31

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Mod add in game hidden trailer cement mixer in cargo, company, delivery and traffic.

Includes Alcoa_t wheel from abastrepass (to replace ugly scs base wheels)

Includes new skin for the trailer (black chassis and blue/grey mixer). If you want to remove my skin just open the mod and go to : vehicle/trailer_eu/cement_mixer/ and remove cement_mixer.dds/.tobj

SCS, Mahad110


4 Responses to Cement Mixer Trailer 1.31

  1. Bender0187 says:

    Tiens, j’ai déjà vu cette semi quelque part 😉 Philipmorris

  2. jardik says:

    Please what is the mod for that beautiful map color???Thank you very much zazaslání,thank you very much,marněsháním,thanks jardik

    • Steve says:

      It’s called Satellite map, it’s from steam workshop if I’m not wrong..

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