Cemex Combo pack


Cemex combo pack by me the tipper is included and will show up in all
depots which has the tipper trailer :)also the MAN cab skin will work
for all the Cab types

Tested on patch 1.5.2

Kye Gulliford


5 thoughts on “Cemex Combo pack

  1. roadrunner

    grate skin thanks… Is there any chance we could have a link to the wheels please as i have been looking for that sort for ages

    1. roadrunner

      cool thanks loads

  2. any chance u can explain exactly how to activate the wheel mod mate? ive tried installing one sub folder at a time as well as all at once and I cannot get it to show up in my mods list?

  3. Kye gulliford

    Hi Robert if it downloaded as an SCS file drag it to your mod folder then when you go onto the game click edit then activate the mod then go on your profile then when you upgrade the truck it should have the wheels which will say “with lug indicators” then it should work 🙂

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