Change Undiscover Route Color v 2.1

Change-Undiscover-Route-Color-v-2.1-1 Change-Undiscover-Route-Color-v-2.1-2

Supported version

It does not correspond to the other map mod. You edit game_data.sii, If you are able to create a mod, by changing the following parts, you should be able to add the functionality of this mod

road_color: 0xFFffff00 // Advisor undiscovered route
world_road_color: 0xFFffff00 // Main Map undiscovered route
zoom_uplift [4]: 500.0 // city detail zoom for world map

Author: Alphaziel


2 thoughts on “Change Undiscover Route Color v 2.1

  1. Cool ! Great idea !

  2. Alphaziel

    It was updated to 2.2.3
    It was supported mod manager

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