Charlie Trailer


In memoriam Standalone Trailer included in traffic

Author: munchy57


11 Responses to Charlie Trailer

  1. Grandpa's glass says:

    Yes he’s right! Don’t make skins like this. No one gives a flying f*ck about this. And btw., what do you think? Who would donwload this trailer? I think just an #####.

    • OverSpeed RO says:

      i dont know why the moderators accept the shits like this here on the site….and many more shits..

  2. Charlie says:

    Je suis Charlie, Call me Charlie, Ich heisse Charlie.
    I donwloaded this, just to protest against TERRORISM.
    I GIVE A F*CK ABOUT OUR LIFES, so if u disagree go f*ck a camel,

    J E S U I S C H A R L I E !!!!!!

    • EnzO says:

      shut up with your messages of apology has two sub we are French and free to support any way we seem this killing for the victims . So now crushes poor ####!

      • viktor says:

        everyday even 2000 people dying no one gives a fck now died 10 people and world exploded…nice try richest asess

  3. Aca says:

    I don’t care about french noobs

  4. bilal says:

    böyle şeyleri atmayın buraya..onlar hz. muhammed e hakaret ettiler..

  5. mike says:

    They were extremely disrespectful to the “other” people of the World. They were only some goverments’ and mafias’ toys. So this is bullsh.t! Brainless BLIND idi.ts!!!

  6. mathveyHUN says:


  7. jdwarfer says:


    If you don’t care, don’t post ! Show some respect to the dead !

  8. JE SUIS CHARLIE! says:


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