Chereau Trailer [1.47]

– Standalone
– Skinnable
– 4 axis configurations
– AO in high quality
– 19 configurable slots
– 75 configurable parts
– Angles mort
– various logos

Mat007, Garbage Modding


5 thoughts on “Chereau Trailer [1.47]

  1. trailer locked, nice job but i can use it!!

  2. Pointless trailer, since no own attachments can be attached.

  3. That’s a paid mod!! You still have another scs to use it

  4. bernard west

    lights on the trailer box dont work

  5. I love this trailer which is full of errors and more with elements of a lamberet trailer from
    freds.mods. The worst thing is that this trailer is paid for because Truck Custom ETS2 he put it on his gumroad and since he knows that no one is going to buy it because it is full of errors and therefore asked you to put it on free sites

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