Chevrolet Veraneio 1973 Car Mod – ETS2 1.43

Chevrolet Veraneio 73,Made This Car Mod For Special Request On GRAFITH GAMER Channel by Quality3D Mods.

This car mod have smooth driving
Realistic interior and exterior
Quality Sound
Realistic Design
and Modifications

Quality3D Mods


5 thoughts on “Chevrolet Veraneio 1973 Car Mod – ETS2 1.43

  1. Ile można wstawiać te bzdurne autka? To gra o innej tematyce…. masakra.

  2. Endrigo Arroldo de Oliveira

    Very very nice.

  3. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

    prawda ten gość robi słabe mody

  4. The mode has a small problem the wipers do not work. otherwise the mode is ok.

  5. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 /🚙/ Chevrolet Veranelo 1973 [1.43]

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