China FAW J5M Truck

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This is“FAW J5M Truck”’s mod,it is a very common truck in China.FAW is China’s first automobile factory, the most famous of its trucks is J6.Tested on1.23&1.24,find it in MAN dealer.Please feel free to ask if you have any suggestions.Thank you,Have fun!?
Sorry,there’s no video now,but I am making it,so sorry.

Author: DennisMiao


7 Responses to China FAW J5M Truck

  1. Legenda says:

    Now im not a fan of chinese trucks, but for those who want one, the outside is good for a 100% custom truck, the thing that bothers me is the MAN interior (from linards ozolins version)
    Fix that, give it a proper interior and should be a fine start for those who want to drive this type of truck

  2. Theosz says:

    a chinese truck to play with Republic of China…make sense

  3. Theosz says:

    this truck really should works? why did over man tgx and old files?


  4. AlexCrazy says:

    old bugged sh!t, al files in mod from 2013-14….. and it perlaces man tgx, no need this

  5. kappa says:

    where can i buying this truck ? man truck dealer dont sell it.

  6. Kenseth says:

    please working it for 1.27!

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