Chris45 Trailer Pack V3.01


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Chris45 Trailer Pack (Mostly UK Trailers) V3.01

All Standalone Trailers, Mod Manager Ready
Compatible with my American Trailers Packs
Compatible / working Advanced Coupling ETS2 V1.24

This Trailer Pack also includes all trailers from my previous

packs, if you have any of my previous packs remove them from mod

folder & use these files.

Download, Unpack with 7 zip or winrar & place “Chris45 Trailers

Pack V3.01 part1.scs” & “Chris45 Trailers Pack V3.01 part2.scs”

files in mod folder, activate in mod manager, best to put them

above other trailer mods (if you have any).

You Must have DLC Scandanavia & DLC Going East installed for this

mod to work.
Works with other Map Mods

Added new trailers
Trailers also in traffic
Updated for V1.24
Advanced Trailer Coupling Compatible
Added some lowloader trailers with cargos
Added some glass trailers
Fixed bugs with some traffic trailers causing game crash

Tested on ETS2 V1.24

Authors: Chris45
Models: SCS Software


12 thoughts on “Chris45 Trailer Pack V3.01

  1. Many thanks for the quick update chris 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Chris45 for new update so good 🙂

  3. Many Thanks chris for great trailers?

  4. Does it work together with jazzycat’s trailer packs?

  5. does it work with jazycat packs ?

  6. Chris45UK

    Works with jazzycat trailer packs & promods trailer pack

    1. Nice, I’m going to try it!

  7. awesome stuff chris. however when added alongside jazzycats ai packs, this stops trucks having trailers. i semi fixed this by removing the traffic definitions in your file. any chance you could check this out and maybe make it work alongside jazzys ai stuff. thanks for your awesome work 🙂

    1. Chris45UK

      Which Jazzycat ai mods are you using, i tested with “painted truck traffic v.2.2.2” & “ai traffic pack by jazzycat V3.7.1” and work ok.

  8. I would like to thank you for your work, your pack It’s really perfect , but as Andys71 said i am facing the same problem. I have Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v4.0, Military Cargo pack by Jazzycat v1.7.1, Railway Cargo pack by Jazzycat v1.7.2, AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v3.7.1, Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v2.2 and Trailer Pack 360 Cargo & Traffic By fredy.

  9. i have painted truck traffic pack v2.2.2, ai traffic pack v3.7.1, truck traffic pack v2.2 & painted bdf traffic v1.1.1

  10. Chris45UK

    Hi all, I have tried my trailer mod with all the jazzycat packs and works ok, to solve your problem could you post your “game.log” when the trucks don’t have trailers and i will get this problem resolved.

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