Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014 By Klolo901 V1.2


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This is another version of my Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014

• New defs
• Added DLC International Flags
• Deleted things of other authors

***Do not edit this modification!!!***
# You can share this mod on other websites and forums but keep original linik please #

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Klolo901 and DamianSVW


15 Responses to Mercedes Sprinter Long 2014 By Klolo901 V1.2

  1. Roonon says:

    Does it have trailers?

  2. The_Driver says:

    VIDEO Mercedes Sprinter Long

  3. Shairan says:

    Nice mod my friend!
    Maybe you can make the
    -Mercedes benz vito
    – Volkswagen transporter

    If you have the time

  4. nerowskyyMonster says:

    $brand$ and crashes game

  5. Anan says:

    worst steeling wheel graphics

  6. luke says:

    How do i get the skin i made to work?

  7. LibertyPrime says:

    How ’bout just working on ONE DECENT and WORKING version, please ?

    Such a waste of ressources for now ..

  8. ETS2MAN says:

    Nice mod! Well, can you make a Citroen Berlingo? It´s a very good van and it will be a very good mod!

  9. Thinh says:

    -No GPS
    -The worst steering wheel ever
    – Accessories is floating in the air!
    Could you add another version that will improve all this?

    • GRMModding says:

      i would do it but unfortunatelly i cannot as i do not have permission from original author to do so

  10. MercedesFreak says:

    Goodday mod makers, i love the mod but there are 2 things i think need to change: i miss the beacons on the roof, and if you move the camera to the front you’ll see the nothing only the back interior because it’s moving directly to the back while i was looking at the front

  11. Dominator says:

    Hi. I have a business proposition for you. Write me here pls

  12. allperen says:


  13. Truckers19 says:

    Why i don’t have sound
    Please help!

  14. Filip Carbol says:

    when i go fast i have 15 fps 95 km/h +

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