Christian Hoefnagels Int. Transport – Trailer mod


Transport is a Dutch company, with 15 trucks, 25 trailers & 2 LZV (25 meters)
This company transports every day soda like Cola, Water, Cassis from
Refresco Benelux. – TimSeerdenCreations

Author: TimSeerdenCreations


9 thoughts on “Christian Hoefnagels Int. Transport – Trailer mod

  1. Where I get that loading bay from

  2. Just a tip, you can knock over 100mb off the file size by putting the .scs file in a .zip before you upload it. Nice wor kon the skin though.

    1. TimSeerdenCreations

      Hey Anon,

      My mod replaces more than one trailer, thats the reason of the size…

      1. My point is more that you can compress the file – I know it has multiple skins in (I’m actually using it). Compression saves you time uploading it, and others’ time downloading. Just a friendly suggestion though!

        1. TimSeerdenCreations


  3. and you could tell us what trailer you’r replacing

    1. TimSeerdenCreations

      Hey SomaSis,

      It replaces more ets2 companys:




  4. yeah the only thing now is , hoefnagels is bankruped now, but i have to say the trucks are really alike, i dint see the mod yet but is there also a lzv in the mod?

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