Reliable delivery location for Truck Mod


I’ve only tested it!
CREDITS -SCS, 50keda


54 thoughts on “Reliable delivery location for Truck Mod

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      These are the words of a faker, admin please check his ip-originating and look where he is, my ip-riginating i will send You by mail,


      Freddy Jimmin

  1. works well with the TSM Map 2.0 ?

  2. ManuBe1998

    INFO: mod ​​replaces the sellplan and Kaarfor Company!
    Original map can also TSM 2.1 Komptabilität sein.Ist for patch 1.3.1!

  3. simon melkert

    this mod does’nt work

    1. working fine! check before you say! danm i hate ppl like this.

  4. sean harris

    hi there were can i find this on the map thanks.

    1. dresden


  5. Why i can’t see my download link?????

    I explicity write that don’t reupload it to other file server and you dumb made just that, so i’m done with releasing stuff for ETS2
    This was my last uploaded stuff for community

    You can not simply copy my link or what? Jesuss

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      It is not ets2 who You can blame sir, it is the guy who stole Your work,

      I can imagine Your angriness totally, but the people from ets2 are doing their work!

      I agree with You and Axelrol, these people are nothing worth,

      But there are more weirdo’s on this site as needed, like a totally disturbed guy who uses my name and e-mail,

      Btw 50Keda we are bssy with your first 50k DAf for GTS and we converted it, may we relase it?



    2. Could you give me your download link? I’ll download it from there. 🙂

      1. This is the original link:

        And I don’t blame SCS, i blame this moron who reuploaded my file to new file server. In readme i strictly wrote not tu reupload file!

        1. it is a lot of ###### that dosen’t read the readme -.- but nice woork i have bee driving it for a day now allready 🙂

          1. I’ve always wanted to know the reason why nobody wants their mod re-uploaded. If i upload a mod, the last thing I care about is on which site it’s hosted.

      2. What will happen if I remove this? I don’t want to corrupt my save 🙂

        1. It will be fine, I used it and then took it out with no problems 🙂

    3. playstationmanrocks

      just saying once you upload something to the internet it is no longer your

  6. Do you have to start a new game to use this mod?

    1. Just read ReadMe.txt and you will find your answer 😉

  7. Donnie Moore

    50k another cracking mod that makes the game more realistic its a shame that you are gonna stop making mods public for these games as i have many of your mods from through the series of games and just would like to say its gonna be a big loss to the community but i understand your point all i can hope for is you change your mind for the future and we get more great mods even if locked from yourself

    cheers for all the great mods up till now

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    I agree with Donnie Moore,

    But if we all stop 50keda than there is only #### and crackers and hackers and protected stuff we can not use,

    All what i have to swallow of bad things told about me should let me stop a very long time ago, but i go on!! They are go tired to see my face, they can’t get me out of the race, Robert “Nesta” Marley” (feb. 6, 1946 – may 11, 1981)

    Please man let them do whatever they like, Your picture is on it, Your name is on it, and what about the link? Some people cant download from some sites,

    Maybe it was better to place original link and alternative link so that every-one can use your great mods,



  9. Freddy Jimmink


    Er zijn mensen die mediafire gebruiken omdat ze kunnen zien hoe vaak hun mod is gedownload,



  10. @Freddy Jimmik: yeah it’s true they won’t get me out of the race, but i will fight for what i think is right!
    But yeah I am happy for credits.

    And about dl link i need it to count downloads so i can see how interested are people in my work and releases. Less downloads -> less i’m motivated for next mods…so yeah if they reupload it without my knowing i don’t know how much downloads i get

    @Donnie Moore:
    I will see how this thing will solve, guy from cooperates and i guess when i calm down i will be able to get over myself and work even further 😉

  11. Freddy Jimmink

    I understand You perfectly 50Keda, but Bart has a point there, it is nicer to read how positve people are, than counting dl,

    Stiil i hope You calm down buddy and go on with Your great work, i shall miss it my man, that’s for sure,


    Freddy Jimminnk

  12. 50Keda your work is above and beyond the average. I really enjoy your work. some peoples computers do not load from all sites due to the browser setup and need to use specific sites to download from. That is a shame because some sites are bad I agree and also some people change mods with no permission and put bad working parts in and call it theirs. The world of gaming is so unmonitored its scarry.
    Freddy has been chastised for his actions, but he has suffered the same problems you have, and i am glad he has not given up, and you should continue forward. Millsyb,Freedy and you are three of my favorite authors of this game and are visionaries who start new trends. This game is so great there is nothing that can compare in this area. Be proud and stand up for you rights, but DO NOT QUIT. People like you are the future of gaming and some of us presently are addicts to this game, and suffer withdrawal effects if we cant find more,more,and more of improvements to this game. I hope this comment makes the point you need to hear to continue. Congrats for your improvement to the game.

    1. tomorrow the fakefeddy is stopped by me and my companion, we break down his door and than his computershit,

      i foun out where he lives so that will be fun whahahahaha

  13. what’s wrong with the GPS ? Now my GPS cant find the place anymore.. not realy cool when you need to drive from the north of england to the south of italy.
    please help?

    1. This happens if you run your profile with assigned job. When you will take new job GPS will work normally 😉

  14. dannemann

    hej 50k in the readme you say you use zmodeler 2.2.6
    æh how do you use it in what ore is it just a all test you have copy from one of you readme

    1. ZModeler is a 3d modeller. That is not something you can learn through a readme within an hour.

  15. This is a very nice addition to the game. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hi, new comment. when i come to my unloadingplace, it’s not at the ramp but vertical in front of the ramp? something wrong?

      1. I had the same thing happen to me. When I choose my next owner truck load to deliver it was performing correctly. Just go to the next load and it should clear up by its self. If I remember correctly it was the first load for my newly purchased truck, right after the company truck deliveries.

        1. Problem is only if you load my map during delivery to Sellplan or Kaarfor. Cuz route and everything is writen in save game. When you select next job to lidl or hofer everything must be fine 😉

          And for current delivery i suggest you removing my mod. Then install my mod and select new job 😉

  16. There is one slight problem with the delivery docks- where are the lights to see the dock area. Trailer lights are insufficient during total darkness or were you thinking only daylight deliveries? My truck works 24 hours a day. Get it added!

    1. Lights should work: at least on version 1.3.1 and they worked 😉

      And you can see on promo image that they work so maybe some graphics problem or sth?

  17. Someone find out that it doesn’t work quite good for version 1.2.5 as game crashes in Milano.
    So I rebuilded map for 1.2.5 and now it works, here is a link:

    PS: admin you can add this link to download links for 1.2.5 version of game

  18. Freddy Jimmink

    Glad You go on 50Keda! This is 0-2 for the “bed” guys, or better say we good guys win!

    Really great job my man, and i can’t say how pleased i am that You go on,


    Freddy Jimmink
    Leunen (L)
    The Netherlands

  19. Kenworth W900

    The mod looked great , but doesnt work in TSM map 2,0, or atleast i cant get it to work , I think that it stood in the read me text too . But the idear is GREAT i am soooo tired of the normally load off areas , there isnt any challange in reversing into the normal plases . New more challigin plases to unload, please and more companyes not only 2 as on this mod, and make it work on the new maps if possible . But keep up the good work 50K 😉

  20. Freddy Jimmink

    Kenworth W900,

    It is a map re-written by 50Keda and gives indead conflicts with other maps, he revered
    to that in the readme,

    This is a good beginnig to make a great map with lots of possibillaties and many load/unload places,

    To make a map costs much time my man, so let us be patience, i know 50Keda will make more beautifull maps and stuff,


    Freddy Jimmink
    Leunen (L)
    The Netherlands

  21. Hey 50k

    By all means u can rip the life out of me for asking you this but I know its going to come up at some point, Can we re-skin this mod and release different stores??? If we do I will make sure tht ur credited for the store because it is all your work, im not 1 of these ppl tht go around skinning other ppls work and claiming tht its there own, I ask, so once again I ask, Can we re-skin this and release it with store combos for trucks???


  22. 50k.?
    one thing i have to say…its a great mod…
    but..i found your Mod on Modhoster..and i thought i tell it to you…what do you do,i don’t know…i think it’s important for you to know…

    Greetz Lucas95

  23. This is a great idea and a fantastic addition for the game,

    BUT… it makes my game lag like hell. Only able to run my game on low graphic settings when using this mod.

    PLEASE, pay attention when creating mods or addons for games. Not everyone has a freakin’ “super-computer” just to run your mods :p

    Thanks anyway. Great mod…#### computer 😉

  24. LbSparrow

    a little problem here, somehow after i installed this mod i cant use cruise control anymore. anyone have similar issue?

    1. LbSparrow

      FALSE ALARM!! sorry guys i sorted that out, turned out it has nothing to do with this mod. this mod is working just fine. my mistake, again, sorry.

  25. Why does it not work with the Reisproject 1.0 (great mod anyway), when i start it up with the two mods its will load the profile screen back.

    would be nice if he fixed it or anyone has answers to this problem…

    greetz Gommista

  26. This can be great mod but not for me because this mod is not wotk on 1.4.x version of the game. Can you please make some remake for 1.4.x versions ? Thank you and sorry for english 🙂

  27. frost-s ets2 skins

    How do i get it to work on pacth 1.4.8

  28. TruckerGuy135

    50k PLZ remake this mod for 1.4! It crashes but if you delete the map folder in the mod it works but it doesnt mark where to park. Please update this mod please! Really hoping you read this!

    1. mark225scania

      yes I have had the same problem in hope he fixes it :3

  29. TSM v4.1.2a has this location

  30. AbyRdv119

    I want to ask, work in 1.7.0s ?

  31. Can you make it work on the Please

  32. gfhu rthk

    it doesn’t work for 1.26 please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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