Cistern Food Single and Hct trailer V1.0 For Multiplayer

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– Single , b-double and HTC Axles with Cistern Food trailer
– Includes trailers: Curtain, Refrigerator, Flatbed , Gooseneck(Container) And log(Carrying wood)
– Supports all HTC and b-double axles
-Supports version 1.36
-Supports schwarzmuller

Attention :
1) Mod Needs DLC Schwarzmuller
2) The single trailer is located in the schwarzmuller trailer section
3) b-double trailer and HTC trailer are in the default trailer section of the game



15 thoughts on “Cistern Food Single and Hct trailer V1.0 For Multiplayer

  1. have you test it yourself and is this allowed bij TruckersMP ??

    1. Yes, I tested it on Multiplayer myself
      The game version must be 1.36.

  2. Be carefull people with no DLC may not see the cistern.

    anyway good mod : )

    1. Thank you

  3. But is this allowed by TruckersMP

  4. I have the DLC and I don’t see it in MP


    1. 1. Please disable any other mods.
      2. It is necessary to have a schwarzmuller dlc

  6. Hi, and you can make a mod for MP. Here is a trailer. base_color: (&3ec0a571, &3e52002b, &3cbdac22)

    1. Do you have a schwarzmuller dlc?

    2. sory, I realized I was wrong

      The trailer is ready, if that’s what you want me to send it to you

      1. Hi thanks Can you send it to me? the third color should be black

      2. As in the screenshot you need to make a trailer.

  7. Hueliton M. Emrich

    You could make a tank bitren pro multiplayer

  8. Nice mod good work 🙂 #93-RP

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