Citroen C2 V1R20 (1.36)

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Update for 1.36



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10 thoughts on “Citroen C2 V1R20 (1.36)

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thanks a lot

  2. ETS 2 1.36 MOD
  3. Oh its a good mod!
    BTW can you make an vw passat b5 break or a vw bora or an opel astra h hatchback? Its my dream to drive on of this cars!!

  4. Kardeşim eskilerden birinin fiat egea vardı onu güncelleyip içini felan yapar mısın

  5. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…..

  6. you can also get a CITROEN c3

  7. make+audi+q7

  8. Tokodi Roland

    Hi the 1.6 petrol is quite weak with 125 horsepower and 650nm

    0-100 km / h 12sec

    1 gear 0-32km / h
    2 gear 32-45km / h
    3 gear 45-91km / h
    4 gear 91-127km / h
    5 gear 127-157km / h
    6 gear 157-162km / h

    top speed 162km / h

  9. Tokodi Roland

    You write a nice trzpro chiptuning on it because the performance is slim

  10. Tokodi Roland

    max. It travels a distance of 500 km with 1 refueling

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