Classy Renault Premium interior


A nicer Renault Premium interior than the default one ! i hope you like it !

SCSsoft, Hicham


18 thoughts on “Classy Renault Premium interior

  1. Just for Premium ?
    Make for Magnum too !

  2. Some dude

    Well done again Hicham. Only 9 trucks left 😛 Keep up the good work!

    1. thank you ! enjoy ! i will try to do the other trucks too

  3. @Fred_be o sorry I don’t see it before, thanks for the link buddy.

  4. well done your mods are fantastic keep it up

    1. thank you man, enjoy !

  5. OverSpeed RO

    AWESOME !!!

    1. THX! glad you liked it enjoy !

  6. hello hicham I like this mod do you think you could do this mod for the Volvo fh16 classic if so could you do one for it thanks paul.

    1. hi, I’ll try to do that ! i am actually working on it !

  7. volvo? scania?

  8. pretty ! pretty !pretty !


  9. Nice!

  10. keep going and improve, thumps up from LB

  11. very nice indeed. thankyou.

  12. UnableRogue

    #### The way it starts looks psychedelic @[email protected] This looks just as amazing as your first one. THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Hi hicham. this mod on version 1.15.1 will not work correctly. Please Create make this version of the mod for version 1.15.1

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