CML Combo Pack for version 1.32

This is a CML- Skin pack for all who know it. It is tested in the 1.32beta version and works fine.
This mod contains:
-CML-Skins for own trailers (Normal, Double and B-Double)
-2 CML-Skins for the Scania S (2016) high roof.

[KPW SK] Pommes: Trailer Skin aund Scania S Skins, [KPW SK] kratzer30: Fixing Texur issues


7 Responses to CML Combo Pack for version 1.32

  1. tunning6000 says:

    amazing job,thanks

  2. zoso says:

    You should rename the trailer files, otherwise it will always replace the latest DHL trailer

  3. ChrisMaximus says:

    ETS2 v1.31 I Mod – Test ▶️ CML New Trailer + New Scania Skin 2

  4. FruchtigerZwerg says:

    the sideskirts on my truck are black, not white

    • Pommes says:

      I think, that this is not a problem at the mod, because you always can change the color of the sideskirts on the truck. If there are other persons than you who wish that the sideskirts should be black I will add a black sideskierts variant. 😉

  5. Pommes says:
    New Version with a few bug fixes is out.

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