CML Skins for version 1.32 v 1.0.1

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This is a CML- Skin pack for all who know it.

IMPORTANT: If you used the older version of this Skin Pack, please deactivate the old version an activate this version!!! Because of def changes, you have to rebuy it for the trailer. I’m sorry for that but I can’t change that.

-Changelog version1.0.1:
*def changes, so now it doesn’t replace the DHL Trailer Skin anymore.

This mod contains:
-CML-Skins for own trailers (Normal, Double and B-Double)
-2 CML-Skins for the Scania S (2016) high roof.

It is tested in the 1.32beta version and works fine.

Both Youtube videos are in german.

[KPW SK] Pommes: Trailer Skin and Scania S Skins, [KPW SK] kratzer30: Fixing Textur issues


One thought on “CML Skins for version 1.32 v 1.0.1

  1. ETS2 je najbolja igra na svetu trebaju svi da je skinu
    Da bi naucili nesto kamionima ja sam dosta naucio o kamionima preko ETS2 igrice

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