Improved FPS ETS2 [1.32 Beta]

The modification will replace the standard Fps in euro truck simulator
– Mod tested and work on 1.32 Beta
In future I will add Graphic Mod
Installation: Move the file from the downloaded archive to: Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod and connect it to the mod-manager.
It isn´t allowed to publish this mod here again or on another website!!!
Enjoy and Play!



5 thoughts on “Improved FPS ETS2 [1.32 Beta]

  1. Stolen!

    1. manuel weigel

      and where is the link to the original?

    2. THX You Boy, Best Mod 🙂

      1. We all really needed your comment,
        here is not the fish market.

  2. Yes, as all his Mods !!!
    Do not support Thieves !!!

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