Coloured Map Backgrounds

Coloured-Map-Backgrounds-1 Coloured-Map-Backgrounds-2

Working along the same lines as my ProModz v1.90 Colour Maps mod, I decided to make them suitable for the default game maps, with or without the Going East DLC

This is an independent alternative to the ProMods colour map mod and only contains the required background images.
Use whichever one for the game map you are currently.
Work on: 1.16

Author: Elmer BeFuddled


6 thoughts on “Coloured Map Backgrounds

  1. With Rusmap ver 1.4.8 Will work?

    1. works however is one bug

  2. Leonid ! Будет работать со всеми картами и на всех версиях.
    Will work with all cards and on all versions.

  3. The ProMods one doesnt even work dude..

  4. Working with all maps except Promods …
    For Promods see:

    1. Thank you Elmer BeFuddled …

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