Com Divers Combo Pack

Combo Pack from Romanian Transport Company “Com Divers”
The archive contains everything you need(truck mod, skin truck and trailer)
4k trailer and truck skin
*For StreamSpace cabin*(the lowest one)
Tested on 1.30.x
*Please do not reupload*

Marius , R3AP3R


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10 thoughts on “Com Divers Combo Pack

  1. DaviD_SRB Modz

    Nice 😀

  2. Eduard Lucian

    E chiar foarte reusit skin-ul
    Tatal meu e sofer la CDA :))
    Ai putea sa faci unul si pentru Daf XF ?

    1. Toate la timpul lor! Va urma!

  3. Thank’s man!

  4. Merci ca ai cerut si voie sa bagi in arhiva ta skinu meu. Trebuia sa ma gandesc de 2 ori inainte sa fac si eu ceva bun pt romani.

    1. V-am dat un email prin care sa-va cer aprobare, R3AP3R

  5. Stolen trailer skin, not to mention you did a #### pour job “adapting” it to a different trailer; too lazy to even edit the license plate.

    Good job proving again that most Romanians are nothing but mod thieves.

    1. Shut up, #####!

  6. bravo kkatule, din cauza ta r3ap3r nu o sa mai publice skinuri. fmm de copil terminat.

    delete this mod, it’s stolen. the author of the original mod is not going to upload new skins because this kid stole it.

    1. Din pacate copil terminat esti tu,deșeule!

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