Scania R560 Tolner

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Scania R560 Tolner mod for ETS2 v1.30.

– High Quality 3D Model
– Own Interior
– Standalone
– 4K Textures



25 Responses to Scania R560 Tolner

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Sound its broke

  2. fabi says:

    no sound

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video with V8 Sound

  4. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  5. Driverstein says:

    no sound

  6. IronSpirit Gaming says:

    Same here, no sound

  7. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing truck:

  8. IronSpirit Gaming says:

    To get the sound working download the seperate sound file from this link

  9. VARPUNEN says:

    Hello! NO SOUND.

  10. TROLLzone Gaming says:

    Test video:

  11. PlatinumDesignTruck says:

    Sorry, here is the sound file, just download it and put it into the game:

  12. develo says:


  13. VARPUNEN says:

    Sound OK!

  14. TRUCKER says:

    17FPS truck from exterior & 8FPS from truck interior in the shoproom !!!


    PC (middle performance):
    CPU – i7 3770 (4+4HT threads)
    GPU – GTX460Ti (not Hi-End but and not to BAD !!)
    MEM – 32GB

    • PlatinumDesignTruck says:

      Then don’t download it!

      • TRUCKER says:

        You are i.d.i.o.t ?!!
        And how would I know about it if I did not upload it ?!!

        So I write this to others who have not powerful PC !!!

        • PlatinumDesignTruck says:

          OK, Sorry

          • Ripperino2K says:

            Dont say sorry PDT ! that guy is acting as an ###.
            Trucks looks really good , thank you for sharing such a high quality mod we really appriciate it.

    • MetalGhostxD says:

      The better option is the Scania by RJL, similar to this with addons for bad pc’s…

  15. GoodMod says:

    Works well!!! FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO DON’T have Truck sound… Download this, MUST have Winrar Extract R560 file to desktop and take the DEF + Sound from the Scania_sound_Tolner File and Move and Replace with the R560 Files on Desktop then, Zip back up (Compression Method MUST Be Store) and .Zip… Easy Fix guys.

  16. GoodMod says:

    This Link was just taken from above the Msgs… Just extract it and put in the R560 Files It does not work Individual (As it seems?)

  17. MetalGhostxD says:

    Good mod, and with excellent quality, but a pity that the high-quality designs of the truck, in a low-end PC freeze the game and have to leave, a pity, but it is a good mod, only that I would like were with some less demanding PC designs

  18. astroPawian says:

    Lipa jak UJ

  19. Jackson says:

    i can’t fin the truck in Scania or any other truck stores…

    why is that?

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