Com Divers Skin Pack

Skin Pack for DAF XF105 by vadik and Krone Profiliner by axelrol

*4k truck skin for the Space Cab Plus variant
*4k trailer skin with custom license plate (Romania)



8 Responses to Com Divers Skin Pack

  1. Alin Games And Vlog's says:

    Dc nu am nr de inmatriculare la tir?

  2. Martin says:


    le mod ne fonctionne pas sur la version 1.30.

  3. Mikhaix says:

    Foarte tare pack-ul! Felicitari, cred ca ai depus multa munca deoarece este bine facut.

  4. Marius says:

    Foarte frumos! Felicitari!

  5. Alin Games And Vlog's says:

    Dc nu bagi nr de inmatriculare in arhiva?

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